ARLA/CLUSTER: Virgo Sky View - any use?

Carlos Fonseca - CT1GFQ ct1gfqgrupos
Domingo, 12 de Agosto de 2007 - 16:02:57 WEST

I checked out the Sky View at

I'm trying to understand how this program helps us.

The big Sky Display shows where the showers are in the sky, and the
Azimuth indicator shows how to point your antenna in relation to the
shower. But we point our antennas in the direction of the station we
are trying to work, aren't we? Except perhaps for a CQ, we would not
point at the shower, would we?

Then below is the data chart plotting the number of meteor events per
hour. Several times on PJ I've heard something like, "Let's keep
trying, Sky View shows the number of meteors is picking up." But this
is not USA data, it is the data at OSWIN in Germany. Does it have any
relevance to what we in the USA are doing?

One interesting thing: the conventional wisdom is that the peak hour
is just after local sunrise. At least according to the data chart now
showing on Sky View, the peak is often earlier, around 3-4 am.

Any thoughts?

Bill NZ5N 

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