ARLA/CLUSTER: Fwd: New PCALE now being tested

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Sexta-Feira, 3 de Agosto de 2007 - 11:17:00 WEST

Nova versão do Programa Automatic Link Establishment Protocol em HF 
em testes.

João Costa

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The new "Alpha" version of PCALE is being tested by the PCALE Beta
Test group:

If you are interested in becoming a PCALE Beta Test Group member, we
welcome more members! Please note that the Beta Test group has
important requirements of membership that you must agree to
before you join it, otherwise, membership will be rejected.

Being a PCALE Beta Test Group member has some advantages. You get to
use the newest features of PCALE, sometimes many months before
the program is released to the public. In this particular case, with
the new Alpha testing, the newest features include many more radios
supported by the interface, and the exciting new "quiet
relay scanning" feature called QS/S. This enables certain 
to scan through all the channels without switching their internal

Beta Test Group Terms and Conditions:
1. Only members of HFLINK GROUP are allowed.
2. Members will not share beta or alpha test versions of the program
or allow them be transferred to anyone outside the beta test group.
3. Members will install the software and use it to put an HF ALE
station on the air at least 2 hours per week, scanning the ALE
channels of at least 2 amateur radio bands.
4. Members will report and exchange all problems, support, and bugs
directly to the PCALE beta test group only.
5. Members will NOT directly contact the PCALE or MARS-ALE software
authors for support, comments, or questions.
6. Member must be a licensed amateur radio operator for HF.

When submitting request for membership, you must verify your 
to all above terms and conditions, stating your true name and 

Click here to join PCALE Beta Test Group:

73 Bonnie KQ6XA


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