ARLA/CLUSTER : Radio Santa Helena (mais info)

Sergio Matias sergio.matias
Segunda-Feira, 31 de Julho de 2006 - 12:30:22 WEST

The "RSD Revival" transmission times:

Radio St. Helena Day : the party on the shortwaves

Here is the official information about the

"RSD REVIVAL"  broadcasts from Radio St. Helena.

RSH  will transmit on 11092.5 KHz in Upper Side Band mode
on Saturday, 04. November 2006  at:
1800 - 1930 UTC  to  New Zealand  (via short path)
2000 - 2130 UTC  to  JAPAN  (via short path)
2200 - 2330 UTC  to  Europe
2330 (Sat.) - 0100 (Sunday) UTC  to  North America

There will be a new and interesting QSL card for this "Revival"
broadcast. It will take several months to process the reception
reports, so please be patient.
Only reception reports sent by regular mail will be accepted.
Email-reports will NOT be accepted.
Return postage is absolutely required and is "at least" three
IRC's or "Greenstamps".

"At least" means that RSH welcomes donations at any time
and in any amount.
All reports should be addressed to the Station Manager of RSH.
The RSH station manager is a lady: Ms. Laura Lawrence.

Good DX to one and all !!


Sergio Matias

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