Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Quinta-Feira, 27 de Abril de 2006 - 22:32:18 WEST

As per, the 06May~02Sep'06 schedule reads as 

UTC              kHz        º     Target
0706-1059    7145      0º    All Pacific
1100-1259    9870   325º   NW Pac, Bougainvilee, PNG, Asia
1300-1650    7145       0º   All Pac.
1651-1850    7145     35º   Cook Is., Fiji, Niue, Samoa
1851-1950    9630       0º   All Pac.
1951-0705  15720       0º   ditto

..... so just one (analogue) tx, and the webpage says nothing about the other 
(new) tx intended for DRM.

While that, the already reported 26Mar~07May'06 schedule remains unchanged.

15720 kHz obs'ed 1947-..., 26 Apr, English, songs, fq. announcement, IS (for 
change from //9630 to 11725 kHz), Pacific music, world & Pacific news 
bulletins; 35433, and holding until, say, half an hr or so (I couldn't stay 
by the set checking this), but though still audible at 2250, the signal was 
already useless at 2200.  At the same time today, 27/4, the signal was 
almost inaudible.

11725 kHz monitored 2032-2115* (abrupt s/off), 27 Apr, English, Dateline 
Pacific, News Abt. NZ, Pac. music, Pac. Business Rpt., news (by which time 
the signal was extremely bad) and.. an abrup s/off at 2115; 23432, adjc. 

(Carlos Gonçalves - POR) 

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