ARLA/CLUSTER : Forgotten DX tips...

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Terça-Feira, 25 de Abril de 2006 - 12:21:13 WEST

Dear Wolfgang,

Further to my y/day's mail, here's the rest... until hopefully more stuff
appears and in time for your this week's BC-DX bulletin.

1620 kHz UNID, 2225-..., 21 Apr, Greek, folk songs; 55343.

1628.7 UNID, 2226-..., 21 Apr, Greek, int'l pops, talks; echoing speech;

1648.8 R.Bandung (t), HOL, 2218-2129, 22 Apr, Dutch, music, IDs; bad audio;

1655 kHz R. De Baro, HOL, 2142-2224, 22 Apr, Dutch/English, music & songs,
few talks, especially in the latter lang.; 55433.

In the 21st & 22nd inst. evenings, quite a number of Greek pir.stns was to
be heard on the 1600~1700+ kHz range, but since almost no TA DX was possible
until at least 2300 due to both noise & adverse propagation conditions,
those stns were no trouble this time.

Also in the said range,  the Moroccan harmonic of 819v Rabat was noted
active on 1637v kHz.

(Carlos Gonçalves - POR)


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