ARLA/CLUSTER : DX material.

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Segunda-Feira, 17 de Abril de 2006 - 19:05:25 WEST

Dear Anker,

Very little this week...

702 MW RTA Chaîne 1, Djelfa (?), 50/25 kW (?), reactivated as logged 
1841-..., 15 Apr, Arabic, talks on the Palestine, reports; feed delay 
relative to // 549 for instance; 45444., showing the map of Algeria and the 
existing & planned local radios, does not list 702 kHz which was last listed 
in the WRTH 2003 (p. 68) as a 50/25 kW local stn.    Maybe this outlet was 
the one used to carry the Polisario Front on occasions as the signal 
strength & bearing is pretty much the same.  (Gonçalves)

11960 R.Mali, Kati, obs'ed at 1157-1207, 16 Apr, French, talks on education, 
IS, fq announcement ("7285, 9635 and 11960" !), Vernacular 1200, talks; 
34432, weakish audio; stronger adj. QRM starting at 1200. Their sole day 
time fq has being 11960 for quite some time now while 5995 is the only 
audible outlet evenings.  I shall try to catch a fq announcement in the 
evening to see which outlets they mention.  (Gonçalves)

7245 R.Mauritanie, Nouakchott, in the clear, as noted at 1231-..., 17 Apr, 
in Vernacular, with tunes & talks; 25342, but weakish audio. (Gonçalves)

9870 R.NZi, Rangitaiki, obs'ed 1109-f/out 1145, 16 Apr, news, Natl. R prgr 
announcements, weather rpt, talks & music; 25332, and barely audible at 
1145.    Conditions have been dreadful lately.  (Gonçalves)

11735 R.Tanzania, Dole, Zanzibar, "surfaced" at 1555 on 16 Apr right after 
TUR s/off in Arabic, becoming nicely audible for a few moments' time until 
1600 when adjacent QRM ruined reception; Swahili prgr, Arabic music, TS for 
1600, local ID, news; 43433 was the rating after 1600 while 45434 was the 
one 1555-1600.   R.Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, was also noted yesterday, 16 
Apr, on 5050.1, but very poorly... I wish I could have observed this on the 
SW coast!  (Gonçalves)


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